Learner Training

Blaine offers a professional, confidential intensive training course for busy people needing to obtain their UK driving license.  This could be people who are British citizens needing their license or people from abroad who are working here and need a British license. This course is aimed at people who do not have a regular schedule to be able to book driving lessons.  The main difference with this training is that Blaine is at the clients’ disposal all day for as long as they need.  He will wait for them while they do the things they need to do and then they can drive themselves to their next appointment (with Blaine being there and guiding them).  This means that their daily routine or appointments are not affected in any way.  They basically become their own chauffeur so they can learn to drive without making the time to do so.  This has proven to be invaluable to his clients.  This can be very useful for professional sports people who can drive themselves from home to training, interviews etc…  Actors can take lessons between filming, as Blaine will be there waiting for them when they get a break in filming.  Performers can drive themselves to different venues etc…

Blaine is professional at all times and will never ask the client any questions about their personal or professional life, therefore the client can be reassured that 100% of the time learning will take place.  He will also never give interviews to anyone about their training and is happy to sign any confidentiality agreements if requested.  He will also never reveal to anyone who he has taught.  If it does become public knowledge, he will never give any details of the training or what was said or done.  The training can either take place in Blaine’s air-conditioned Mercedes A-Class or the client’s own vehicle.  Blaine is a Grade 6 Instructor (highest grade).  He has been an instructor for 15 years and is very well known within the industry.  He has helped thousands of people become Driving Instructors via one-to-one training and also through his website driving-instructor.tv.  Blaine makes it his business to know his business and what the examiners want and are looking for.  Blaine has a very high first time pass rate (100% since July 2008 - Jan 2011).  This is because Blaine believes in getting it right the first time and every time and not allowing the pupil to make unnecessary mistakes, as this just leads to learning the wrong things to do and not the correct things.  This is done by giving full and detailed instruction with the reasons why it’s important to do it that way.

Blaine’s style is relaxed, yet professional and he encourages as many questions as the pupil desires, and tries to make the experience as enjoyable and fun as possible, while the maximum amount of learning takes place.  Please look at his testimonials from people Blaine has trained to become instructors.  Many people say Blaine is very funny and makes learning enjoyable and at the same time gives a tremendous amount of knowledge to the learner.  There are no testimonials for this specialised/confidential course, as it is done with the highest of confidentiality and privacy and therefore he never asks for a testimonial from this type of client, nor will he try and gain any publicity for himself.  Andy Murray did, however, put an article on his own official website but due to website changes this is no longer viewable.

However it did make the press.

Contact Blaine on 07523 951330 or blaine@driving-instructor.tv.