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‘Coaching’ – is it just a new buzz word? Any ADI with eyes just slightly open and an ear to the ground will be aware that ‘Coaching’ is at the top of the agenda on forums, social network sites and DSA publications. Workshops, seminars and even official academic qualifications are now being offered with varying sales pitches ranging from giving you coaching techniques to use immediately with your pupils, developing road safety awareness of your learners, boosting your income and your business potential and possibly giving you a professional qualification or CPD certificate……WOW!

With the market flooded with so many options and many self proclaimed ‘experts’ in the field of coaching offering training, what is the average ADI to think?

Six months ago I was one of those ADIs. I had passed my Part 3 fairly recently, taught a small number of pupils for no financial reward as Part 3 practice and worked hard on my ‘instructional techniques’ as I wanted to be good at my job. With much scepticism and a good dose of curiosity I decided to see what all the hype was for myself.

After some investigating I decided that the course that offered genuine education, depth and credibility to ensure I fulfilled my own motives ( to feed my curiosity and confirm or quash my preconceived ideas! ) was the post graduate award in ‘ Coaching for Driver Development’ from the University of East London, developed by Dr Jonathan Passmore and facilitated by Ian Edwards. Ian was a member of the EU HERMES Project, the study into developing training for communication and coaching skills for driving instructors.

See our page: Introducing HERMES

This course was a 5 day in-depth programme over a 3 month period with a marked assignment, reflective logs and submitted video footage of real coaching taking place, leading to an overall graded award. I am NOT academic! The very thought of assignments and homework fills me with horror – I’m a driving instructor!However, the perfectionist in me needed to know that the course I had chosen was one offering the best learning opportunities.

Over the last 4 months I have worked hard, reflected, self evaluated and filmed my own learning with my wonderful students ( pupils ) and I would like to share some of my journey so far and answer any questions that may help others understanding and development as well as my own.

Here I have posted a few of my recently filmed lessons.  Both are genuine, real learner lessons, nothing staged, acted or prepared in any way.

I post them not as a self proclaimed coaching expert but as an ADI who is learning on the job and enjoying every minute of it!

I hope that you will be able to find some time in your busy schedule to watch the videos and that the footage will provoke thought and debate.  If my own experiences can help and support other ADIs in their own learning and development as well as stimulating my own self-reflection and growth.

I find myself a few months down the line well and truly convinced by the possibilities that coaching within our industry can offer for our profession, our pupils and ourselves.  I become more and more comfortable within my coaching role and I’m looking forward to working on future coaching projects with fascinating people, possibly you??

See our page: Conversations with Lou

Happy watching!


p.s – If you have any questions or experiences you would like to share I would love to hear from you.  You can contact me via email at or become involved on the forum.

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  1. I think the way you are teaching is great its helping the puplis take control of the car and take responsibility of their driving well done keep it up.

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