Part 3 -– The Test of Ability to Instruct

Part 3 – The Test of Ability to Instruct 

The object of this test is to assess the value of the instruction you give and your ability to pass this 
knowledge on to the examiner, who will take the role of a pupil.

For this we provide 40 hours in-car training. This will take place after you have completed your Part 2 training and will enable you to take out a trainee license (if you wish) for a period of six months, once you have passed your part 2.

We also supply written materials and videos to supplement the in-car training.

Once your trainee license has been granted, you will be required to undertake a further 20 hours 
training during the first three months of the license. During this period we will carry out several mock tests to prepare you for your Part 3 test.

The Part 2 and Part 3 tests can be taken a maximum of three times each.

We recommend you take the Part 3 after your 40 hours and before you take a trainee license, as 
60% of our trainees pass first time. Then you will save on further training cost

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