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Hi Blaine
We have never met or spoken to each other but I would just like to pass on my thanks to your collegue Jane Le Feurve down in Portsmouth.  Although I only had 6hrs with Jane due to my part 3 being imminent I have to say that it was the best move I made throughout the journey of becoming an ADI. I have to admit that I left it far too long before obtaining further tuition, outside of the institution that I initially trained with who’s name I shall not mention!!

I would suggest to anybody, especially people on part 3, to view your videos as I found these of great benefit, and if they are in any doubt as to how they feel about the tests to contact either yourself or Jane.

I do sincerely feel that without the additional training I took with yourselves I would not have got through the part 3 exam.

Many thanks for all of your help (Jane)


I Jas Sohal have been training with Jane Lefeuvre at ADI training  since October of last year. I have been to train with the big boys “BSM” & all I can say is if you want somebody who actually cares whether you pass or not and has your best interests at heart rather than you just being another fee payer, then Jane at ADI training is the lady to go with.

She is extremely patient and very knowledgeable. The company method of teaching is very simple & concise whether you are training to be a driving instructor or are a learner driver.  With Jane it not just about earning money. She has many a time gone over the lesson time and carried on to explain something if need be where it has been viable for her to do so.

There was many a time when I wanted to give up but Jane kept me motivated and focused and got me to carry on and continue, which having done so I passed my part 3 on the 11Th Feb 09.  Jane had more faith in me than I had in myself. I would recommend Jane over and over again to people.


I came to Jane after failing my part 3 twice and I doubt whether I would have passed without her help.Before I met her, I was with a well-known large company. The training was all right, but they had carefully calculated the very minimum they needed to give.
On the day, I got a 4, 5, despite it being the PST that I least wanted, in fact, I’m a bit disappointed it wasn’t a 5, 5.

Not only does Jane get you past the test, but she improves your instruction with real pupils, and my pass rate has improved no end since I’ve been taking lessons with her.

Many thanks,

After failing twice with the Instructor College I knew I had to find some more help and  was recommended your site from one of the forums. Subscribed to the videos and had about 8 hours with Jane and have just passed with a 5,4, should have been a 5,5 but nerves go the better of me.

Jane is a great trainer with a nice relaxed manor, I did have a horror of  a mock test less than a week before the actual test but with Jane’s advice  and the use of the videos managed to sort out the problems.

Jane accompanied me on the test, very useful on the way up as we talked through all the PST’s but on the phase 2 the nerves kicked in and I nearly forgot all we had discussed.

Once again thanks again to you and Jane who managed to get me through the nightmare I was having.

Dave Buckney

“Jane’s clear and precise tuition, and excellent knowledge of the tests made the whole learning experience straight forward, relaxed, and enjoyable.  All lessons were tailored to my individual needs and were well planned in advance.

Jane teaches simple yet highly effective methods of instruction, including keeping control of all situations, and her attitude is always calm and friendly.

Not only was I fully prepared for the Part 3 test (there were no surprises; Jane had made sure I knew exactly what to expect) but more importantly, I am now confident I have the skills to teach real learners.

I would definitely recommend Jane to anybody thinking of becoming an ADI, and I am glad I did not get sucked in by the TV advertising of other well known companies!”

Sam Turner (ADI – Car)

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