Cost of Course

Cost of Course

Part 1

Books as recommended by the DSA

Mock test papers 
At cost, less than £70 
Test fee, £90

Part 2

£48 p/h Southampton

All lessons taken in 2hr. sessions

Test fee, £111

Part 3

£48 p/h Monday-Friday Southampton

The cost for this training is:
£48 per hour – Southampton min 3hrs
£48 per hour – Country wide plus 40p p/mile from southampton and back min 6 hrs can be shared.
£44 per hour – Lymington min 2hrs
£329 for 6 hrs training over 2 days with B&B included. This takes the form of 3hrs PM then 3hrs AM the next day. You can add a few of these together to stay a few days for training if you wish.

A very limited offer of unlimited hrs of part 2 and 3 training, this is at a cost of £2499 for the whole of  the course or £1999 for just part 3 training. This also includes membership to for as long as you are training.


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