ADI Part 1 – Theory Test

The ADI part 1 calls for a high standard of knowledge. It is a single paper of 100 questions. For 
every question a choice of four answers is given. Only one of these answers is correct. The 
questions are broken down into four main categories, each consisting of 25 questions. You have 90 
minutes to complete the test. The pass mark for the test is 85% and a minimum of 80% must be 
attained in each category.

You will also have to take a Hazard Perception Test in which you have to score 57 out of a possible 
75 points.

Once you are happy with your knowledge, you can apply to sit the Part 1 test. Dates 
for the test are usually available within two to three weeks of request. The test can be taken at local theory test centres.

Take free ADI Theory Tests here
See free videos covering the part 1 here

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