Hi, welcome to my website.

This site is designed to give you an introduction to me and my thoughts on the driving  instructor industry and introductions and links to my sites and businesses that I’m involved with, and services I offer.  These include CPD, daily tweets, one-to-one training, mock tests, ADI training video website, a learner video site, forums, and a theory trainer site.  There will also be a shop coming soon on this site which will only sell products that I believe will help and enhance your business and training, whether you are an ADI or PDI.   Theses will include books, lesson plan visuals, DVDs, in-car camera equipment and much more.

I have been a driving instructor for over 15 years and have been a driving instructor trainer for over 8 years.  I have sat in on over 700 Part 3 tests - some good, some bad and so therefore it’s given me a good idea of what the examiners are looking for. There are not many trainers who do this and I was told by one examiner that I know more than he does about the Part 3.  I am now based in Southampton and Lymington, having built up a successful business in and around the Portsmouth area.  I spend 95 % of my time carrying out rescue training with people who have failed at least one attempt at Part 3.  As well as doing my ADI/PDI training, I also carry out intensive learner driver training.

It has been my desire to improve the driving instructor industry through higher quality training.  This would result in creating better and more motivated instructors in the industry which in turn would help create a better pass rate for the Part 3, and also result in a better pass rate for learners as well.  I intend to do this through better one-to-one training and via my website: driving-instructor.tv which is a video website covering all aspects of the Part 2 and Part 3 tests.  This has been found to have been a great help to people because all the information you need to know is there and can be studied/watched over and over again.  A recent survey of our members have shown that 99.3% would recommend the site to someone else and 70% passed on their next Part 3 test.  This compares with the average pass rate of 30%, which has risen from 23% in the last two years that the website has been around.